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Hello! This week we’re tackling a much-needed topic right now – the etiquette of postponing a wedding. As many of you will have recently had to make the heartbreaking decision to postpone your weddings we want to make this often upsetting process as quick and simple as possible. For many couples, this will be a totally unforeseen circumstance so we have some practical steps you can take right now to inform your vendors, family, and friends of your decision.

1. Lean on your Wedding Suppliers

This is unchartered territory for most couples but for experienced wedding suppliers, this is not the first or last time they will have dealt with having to postpone a wedding. Call your highest priority suppliers, such as your wedding planner, venue coordinator, photographer and videographer. They will be well-versed in the best way to go about rescheduling your wedding and will be able to help you make the necessary arrangements.

 2. Communication is Key

Your guests will appreciate any updates. If you have a wedding website like Joy, Appy Couple or Zankyou use it to keep your guests in the loop. When you are ready to let guests know that you have decided to postpone your wedding you need to notify your guests as soon as possible as many will need to rearrange travel or have deadlines within which to apply for a refund. You can do this by updating your wedding website, via email, text or via post. It is important to explain why you have made the decision to postpone in a clear and concise way, i.e. “Due to health risks” or “due to the groom's illness”

3. Notify ALL your Vendors

By now you will have already been in contact with all your high priority suppliers as you lean on them for advice and support during this difficult time. But now it’s time to make sure all your vendors are aware of your change. Start by checking all your contracts, especially looking for information regarding the force majeure or rescheduling clauses and any charges you might incur i.e loss of initial deposit. Don’t forget this is an especially stressful time for your vendors too as their businesses are also taking a hit so please remember to be polite and understanding of their situation – we’re all in this together.

Contact them first by phone and follow up with an email so you have everything, including new arrangements in writing. Due to the current circumstances, most vendors are going to be flexible and will try to work with you on honoring your original plans for the new date as much as possible. Also, bear in mind, by now vendors will already have full calendars, so be willing to consider an off-peak day when rearranging your wedding dates.

4. Try to Stay Positive!

I know that is so much easier said then done, my wedding was just a few months ago and I know how much money, time and energy goes into making your wedding day perfect. I can’t even imagine how so many of you are feeling with all this added stress. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions you're experiencing right now, anger, upset, frustration, even wallow in it for a couple of days but as soon as you can, start to find the positives – that extra time to save more money or more time to plan. There’s no reason why your wedding won’t be as equally perfect on the new date, you love one another and that's all that really matters.

We’re sending love to everyone reading this! A lot of you will be extremely distressed and panicked at this time and we want you to know we’re thinking of you. Stay safe!

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