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Two political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, have dominated American politics since the American Civil War, although there are also smaller parties like the Libertarian Party and the Green Party.

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The Biggest Celebrity Wedding The Year You Were Born

No one can forget Brad Pitt's wedding to Angelina Jolie, but remember when he and Jennifer Aniston tied the knot? We do. (After all, their nuptials toted a million-dollar price tag.) Throughout the past century, the world has seen countless celebrities say I do some more than once in lavish, over-the-top weddings that have graced the pages of tabloids, and later, websites. And we've been keeping tab.

From Princess Diana and Prince Charles' iconic nuptials to Elizabeth Taylor's eight different wedding celebrations, these are some of the biggest celebrity weddings of the past 70+ years. Forward this to your bridesmaids (and your mom! and your grandma!), so everyone can see what famous twosome said I do the year they were born. (Cheers to all the babies being born this year as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tie the knot!)

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