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Planning a Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic? You Should Be Asking Your Vendors These Questions

Planning a wedding is already stressful enough and now the global spread of coronavirus has placed a whole new level of anxiety and uncertainty on couples-to-be, especially with the CDC's most recent announcement that affects weddings for the next eight weeks, or until mid-May.

If you're an engaged couple feeling overwhelmed by the unprecedented situation, we are here to help. Right now, you naturally have plenty of questions running through your mind. How do I postpone my wedding? Will I get refunded? Are my vendors willing and able to reschedule? What do I tell my guests? and while this is unchartered territory for everyone (industry experts included!), you should be aware of how coronavirus may affect though, hopefully, not your wedding, particularly in regards to your hired vendors.

o help, we tapped major wedding pros to create a list of the most important questions to ask your vendors at this time, whether your wedding is in the next eight weeks or eight months from now. Take a look at the below to educate yourself and get the answers you need but, at the end of the day, remember we're in this together. Whether you're a couple, a wedding planner, a florist, photographer, or even an editor at Brides, it is everyone's goal to see you celebrate your love safely and as close to your original vision as possible.

What to Ask Your Wedding Venue

With spring weddings being forced into the fall and winter, couples are also finding themselves having to change their wedding decor and design ideas to match the newly scheduled season. But Sarah Jennings of Lonesome Valley encourages couples to "embrace the new season that you find yourself having an event in. I think everybody’s event will feel differently regardless of how they design it because of the seasonality of it. You never expected to have a fall or winter wedding and it’s sort of being forced upon you, but embrace it."

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